Scooter Resources
Scooter Resources
    Helpful Sites: Online Scooter Sales, good quality, fair prices, helpful (Eugene, Oregon) Online Scooter Sales, cheap, generic scooters. Not much help.    
Chinese Scooter Site Generic site about generic scooters - lots of information. The tend to promote the Evo Sales Road Runner products. `  
    Helpful Documents:    
RC150 Circuit Diagram This is a pretty coarse diagram, but it's useful    
CVT Basics Constant Velocity Transmission Basics    
GY6 Manual 50CC This is a generic manual for gyc scooters.    
Carburetors Generic Carburetor manual    
Electronic Ignition Theory of CDI Ignition Systems    
GY6 Manual 150CC 1of2 Generic Service Manual part 1    
    Honda Elite and Helix Resources:    
Honda Elite 250 Service Manual 85-88    
HondaPartsHouse Parts for Hondas, full diagrams of all parts for Helices, Elites and all other Hondas. Great Site.    
HondaPartsHouse OEM and Aftermarket parts for anything.    
HondaPartsHouse Mostly aftermarket and upgrade parts    
HondaPartsHouse Another site with full diagrams and parts    
Roketa Parts Cheap parts, questionable quality.